Jan Donaldson Designs … 44 Years of Imagination in Stitchery ….Let’s Talk ….

Jan Donaldson
Jan Donaldson          Photo by Janis Franklin.

I’m a hand-stitch applique artist, a musician’s stage wear designer, a quilter, a clothing designer and a fibre artist and I’ve been so lucky to be living the life for 44 years. So much fun, hard work and adventures I’ve had because of my business and it’s taken me across the country so many times to so many cool spots to set up and sell my clothing. 

Would you like to see my clothing? Let’s make an appointment 250-416-1155 or toll free 1-800-442-6446.  If you’d like more info about anything, please call me or email…      Gift Certificates are Available

If you’d like to know what I have in stock, then please check out my For Sale page.  It has some of my available products in pictures.

I will resume my 365-day celebration of my 44 years in business again with my pictures and memories of my life as a fibre artist, quilter and clothing designer.  I started my celebration 4 years ago and got sidetracked so here I am again with it at 44 Years.  Lots of fun little stories and pictures.  I have a blog set up below if you would like to follow along.

“Let me don my thimble and take you on a journey through the eye of my needle and you can have a glimpse of my whimsical look and love of fabrics, music, gardens and the world around me.      Imagination in Stitchery   ….   .Let’s Talk  ……”     Jan Donaldson

If you’d like to connect with me on Facebook here is the link    or email on contact page and phone number below.