Day 1 of 365 Days

Hi to everyone who loves my “stuff” .  Thank you for supporting my art through all these years.  In this blog  I will skip all over the years and I will share with you my celebration of 42 years as a professional craftsperson.  Its been so much work but what a fabulous way to make a living.  It has brought me lots of fun and adventures and. I have built my business around being around wonderful people who buy my work and also who put on and volunteer at the shows  and events that have made it possible for me to bring my clothing and fibre arts to you.

It all started when I was living on a farm in rural Quebec. I was 23 I didn’t speak French, didn’t drive and my husband wasn’t very sociable.  We were doing the back to the land thing and I was loving it but I was bored with him.  He worked away a lot and I rarely got off the farm . It was time for a change.

I needed to work and didn’t know anyone and didn’t drive so I looked at what I loved doing  (Gardening and Quilting) and decided that I would become a professional quilter……. and I did…… and I kept renting the farm house by myself and he moved back to Montreal .  I started to bicycle into town [Valleyfield] , a few miles away and started going to the pub that I had always wanted to go to and with in a few weeks I started to know people and loved it and stayed for another few years.

How lucky I was to have realized what I wanted in my early 20’s and not savvy enough to understand how hard it would be to design, make and market all my products all by myself.