Day 3 of my 365 day celebration

I finally got back to my blog …..easily distracted or what….todays subject is my sewing machines.  I celebrate the invention of this very fine machine.

For almost 30 years I did all my machine sewing on 2 huge, heavy noisy industrial sewing machines.  I bought them in my Toronto days from World Sewing Machine which was a gourmet place for a sewer like me to go to.  Not a new bright new store but instead a sewing store for the business of sewing with wholesale prices for zippers. threads and they sold industrial sewing machines and other equipment for the business of sewing.

These machines were wonderful and fast, really fast…. and they ruled my life the whole time.  Because of their sound and size I had to rent either a storefront or a house.

As I moved from place to place (and I moved a lot) they always required 2 professional movers, BUT they were my main income earners.

One day about 5 years ago, I looked at them and finger pointed and said out loud to myself  “If I didn’t have you I could live anywhere”  Hmmm a light went off in my brain….Could I run my business without these huge machines or could I change up what I’m making so a home machine would be enough.  Hmmmm  I gave myself 24 hours to decide and it was a big SELL THEM singing in my ear…so I did to the first or second person I offered them to.  Yeaaa freedom.  What an opening up in my life.  Suddenly I could live anywhere and allow the gypsy in me to flourish again.

I’ve been doing free housesitting since then (except for the past 18 months of COVID)   I love it.  I’m back at it again and currently taking care of a cat Ollie and a cabin in the woods.

I’ve found my sewing machine happy place again since a few months.  I really missed the speed of my industrials since I had been working with a couple of vintage Singers that were very slow and Bill my sewing machine guy had this 1960’s Bernina Record 530 that he had serviced and WOW  Its like a cross between industrial and home machines.  Heavy but portable. Fast.  Sewing is fun again.  Yeaa  .  My other is an older White Speedy Lock Serger that only weighs about 4 pounds.   I can work almost anywhere now.  I am a happy girl.

If you sew a lot then check out those bigger machines.  What a difference.