Large Shirts

Day 3 of my 365 day celebration

I finally got back to my blog …..easily distracted or what….todays subject is my sewing machines.  I celebrate the invention of this very fine machine. For almost 30 years I did all my machine sewing on 2 huge, heavy noisy industrial sewing machines.  I bought them in my Toronto days from World Sewing Machine which was a gourmet place for a sewer like me to go to.  Not a new bright new store but instead a sewing store for the …

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My Pattern Company

Day 2 of my 365 Day Celebration

Day 2 of my celebrating 42 years in business is celebrating moving to British Columbia 30 years ago. I packed 6 tons in a 5 ton truck [with my X Lawrence]  and headed out here.    WOW 30 years…….  Lots of adventures there.  Here is a weird thing..  I’m living next door to the little house that I rented for 5 years when I first moved here to Chemainus on Vancouver Island 30 years ago.  So cool to be back …

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Some of my latest music fabrics

What’s New For You

This blog is about my products for sale and how my sizing works.  I’ll also talk about custom orders and how you can choose from my huge fabric choices. Also any special sales going on with my clothing. Have you been thinking about getting one of my very cool men’s short sleeved music or other themed shirt?  Did you know that I have over 100 different music fabrics to choose from?  I have about another 100 fabrics in different themes……I …

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"Lady and her Mirror"

Day 1 of 365 Days

Hi to everyone who loves my “stuff” .  Thank you for supporting my art through all these years.  In this blog  I will skip all over the years and I will share with you my celebration of 42 years as a professional craftsperson.  Its been so much work but what a fabulous way to make a living.  It has brought me lots of fun and adventures and. I have built my business around being around wonderful people who buy my …

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