My Pattern Company

Day 2 of my 365 Day Celebration

Day 2 of my celebrating 42 years in business is celebrating moving to British Columbia 30 years ago. I packed 6 tons in a 5 ton truck [with my X Lawrence]  and headed out here.    WOW 30 years…….  Lots of adventures there.  Here is a weird thing..  I’m living next door to the little house that I rented for 5 years when I first moved here to Chemainus on Vancouver Island 30 years ago.  So cool to be back …

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"Lady and her Mirror"

Day 1 of 365 Days

Hi to everyone who loves my “stuff” .  Thank you for supporting my art through all these years.  In this blog  I will skip all over the years and I will share with you my celebration of 42 years as a professional craftsperson.  Its been so much work but what a fabulous way to make a living.  It has brought me lots of fun and adventures and. I have built my business around being around wonderful people who buy my …

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