Hand Stitched Quilts and Quilted Wall-hangings

I started my career making wall hangings. That part of quilting captured me right away.  I loved how I could make a picture with bits of fabric.   Self taught, I did what ever came into my head .   They have taken me all over the country and they have gone all over the world. Lots of Quebec scenes with the beautiful apple trees and maple sugar.

I set up at the Salon Des Metiers D’u Art in Montreal and hosted and produced my TV Series Jan Donaldson’s Quilted World ,  Jan Donaldson’s Stained Glass Quilting and Jan Donaldson’s Shadow Quilting teaching my ways of quilting. My TV shows were shown all over the country for a number of years.  I even sold a couple of my hangings to the Canadian External Affairs for official gifts. I still (42) years later use my quilting techniques with my themes changing to cityscapes from my Toronto years to the gorgeous sunsets, mountains and majestic trees of the west coast here and now. Often gardens too. I have a character called ” The Wanderer” that has travelled through out the years in my hangings. It is me and my love of travelling in a simple way.   Orders are invited for quilts and wall hangings and cushions.

My smallest quilt is a 6″ miniature quilt in a 9 patch design with the finished pieces 1/4″. and my biggest is my 14′ by 6′ all hand stitch hanging called “Tide Change in Paradise” I still have those 2 pieces for sale. Do you have an old jacket or coat that you love but don’t wear? Why not have me hand stitch it up into a magic jacket.  Antique quilt repairs are another of my skills.

On my For Sale page are pictures of some of the pieces that are available today.