I have made thousands of one of a kind hats in my career for kids, men, women and performers. Wouldn’t it be cool to have pictures of them all. I don’t, but these pictures are a few of them that I love.

I always have lots of my cool hats in stock.  Reversible music themed hats , “The Lid” , reversible caps, toppers, fantasy tams with your choice of a brooch for adults and for kids bonnets, reversible toppers, reversible caps and fantasy tams.  Would you like to see some pictures?  Let me know.  I make them in all kinds of themes.  Wholesale inquiries welcome.

I also make great reversible chefs hats.  Fun and colorful in food themes on one side and solid black on the other side.    Machine wash and dry.

On my For Sale page are pictures of some of my hats and other things that are available now.