Ladies Wear

I’ve made a great comfortable and beautiful line of ladies wear for many years combining the softest corduroys with fabulous patterned cottons. My reversible hand appliqued jackets and vests are worthy of being hung on the wall when you aren’t wearing them with their whimsical pictures on the front and back as well as my hand stitched evening wear. Funky hats too.  Have you seen my gorgeous floral summer dresses?

Another line is my staged up jackets. Appliques on jackets are my favorites to do.   I start with a great plain existing  jacket or coat and I choose from my 1000+ fabric choices of what to add to it. I hand stitch all the special fabrics in my magical way and it becomes something very special.  Do you have a coat or jacket that you would like me to make special?  Let me know.   I have probably 40 jackets to choose from for the custom ones.

Hats….I make the best hats  most are 100% cotton .  I make fantasy tams in all kinds of fabulous fabrics with a removable brooch, reversible caps, reversible toppers for women.  My reversible caps are the best.  Great for gardening, kayaking, hiking or what ever you are doing.  I also make reversible chefs hats with solid black on one side and fun food related fabric on the other.  Machine wash and dry.

Please check out my For Sale page for some of my current creations and prices.